Alice Rose „While The Moss Redeems The Stone“ – release date: 23rd of April, 2021

_Single release: „ALIVE“ – release date: 9th of April

The talents of one lone and courageous woman shine as she weaves stories into songs the way time weaves moments into a life. With a naturalness that could only be borne of experience. Through a process of diving into life with the courage reserved for wild, wandering souls.

Alice Rose is a master of storytelling through music, lyrics, and unique sound, and this April, she will release her fifth studio album, titled While The Moss Redeems The Stone. This collection of 13 original tracks were written and recorded across the world, on a small tropical island in Thailand, in a forest near Copenhagen, and on the cobbled streets of Berlin.

Her songs speak of the joy and tragedy of the human experience: love and longing, heartbreak, dreams, happiness, and despair. Sultry evenings spent star gazing at the tropical night sky. Admiring the spectacles of heaven from sun-soaked shores, as in the song, Lonely Island. Meeting a lover on Berlin’s blue bridge, “Elsen Steg”,  as in the song Florida Moon. Connecting with our innate aliveness, in the celebrative single, Alive, featuring the island community of free-spirited souls who remained in Thailand during the pandemic.

The album features only hand-played instruments, most significantly the autoharp, a small chorded zither often used in folk music. Her collaborator and Berlin-based New Zealand musician, Jamie Collier, co-produced the album and contributed vocals and guitar. A band of Berlin-based musicians contributed strings, wind instruments, and percussion.

This independently written, performed, recorded, and produced album gives us the resonance of soulful song. Inspired by travel. Lit up with the search of a Western girl following Eastern whispers. A woman exploring life through music and weaving a sound journey with voice and strings.

Her sweetly seductive voice, clear and pitch-perfect, captures an impressive range of notes and stirs a million souls. Evoking awareness of being, total presence, and a life-giving force that moves the sound of her inner world out into the light, to be shared. Through The Moss Redeems the Stone, Alice teaches us the subtle art of conscious relating, the powerful lessons in love, the building of the relationships and bridges that carry us through our journey.

Alice is a rose, a musician, a muse, an unlocker of creativity, and an adventurer in the world of music, love, and life. Listen to this album and join her journey.