Creative Online Session


Online video call with me, where we can create a space of presence and connection. We dive into your own, unique voice and your creativity. Taking a deep dive into your art.



A co-creative space where you show up for yourself and be right there with me, daring to be vulnerable, and open to the mystery of creativity unfolding.

I will guide you as a fellow artist, a friend who knows the artistic process with the high and lows of creative living. I am happy to share my path and knowledge with you.
Who are you, and what is your creative expression.
What you might gain:
  • Clarity around your projects
  • Creative confidence
  • More excitement and energy to channel into your creative projects
  • New inspiration and ideas
What you might lose:
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Creative blocks, like writer’s block
  • Feelings of being alone on the artist path
  • Doubt and fears around your art being good enough


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