Who is Alice Rose?

Alice Rose is a Danish singer, songwriter, viola player, electronic musician, autoharpist and explorerer of inner and outer worlds.
She plays and sings beautiful, mesmerizing and thoroughly modern music that captures the essence of the old world and the new. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alice Rose started travelling the world at a young age, and took her art with her wherever she went. She created her own style of music, juggling with viola, voice loopstation, beat boxes, keyboards and toys–all together in a delicious concoction of electro-folk, equal parts trip-hop, pop, electronica and dance.

Alice Rose now has a base in Berlin. Here she's playing on the streets, in bars, living rooms and at events and festivals. Torn and united, calm and wild, rich and poor, grey and colourful, metropolis and village, big and small. She is using the city as her mirror and at the same time her unruly, chaotic base, and the music is the place where she rests. It is here that she picked up the Autoharp. The Autoharp is an american instrument, used mainly in bluegrass and country music, and with it’s angelic chord progressions, Alice has
learned to play it beautifully and now combines it with her other styles. Together with her Scandinavian voice: soft, raw, angelic, and her profound lyrics, she touches the listener straight in their core.With her clear voice, heartfelt lyricism and minimal sound, she has created harmonic and inspiring music, in a world full of chaos.

“What To Do In The Rain“ is her newest album: soft, harmonic, ambient and raw, a poetic, in-depth album with lyrics of profound depth and clarity, where 12 songs weave stories of love and longing.
The album is co-produced by the talented artist, Jamie Collier, from New Zealand, and is played entirely with handmade instruments, and mastered on tape. The two collaborators are now in the pre-production for the next Alice Rose album, ‘While The Moss Redeems The Stone’.

Alice is also deeply embedded in the underground improvisation dance scene with her melodies, soundscapes and beats, keeping the dancer’s hearts open, their practice alive and fluid with her impromptu compositions played on her viola and loop machine. Her curiosity has moved her to travel the world with long stays in conscious communities in India and Thailand, sharing her magic with an international audience.

Now with the first movie score credits to her name and live TV appearances in her native country (Alice is featured in the TV show, ‘Denmark’s Got Talent’), Alice Rose continues to courageously open her heart to an ever expanding audience. Find yourself lost and uplifted in one of her 5 albums, or even better! Go catch on of her shows if you can!


‘What To Do In The Rain – Unplugged’ (2019) (Divine Records/Broken Silence)
‘What To Do In The Rain’ (2018) (Divine Records/Broken Silence)
‘Alice Rose Live in Cologne’ (2015)
‘Each is a DREAM’ (2013) (Manual-Music)
’21 Days 2011′ (2011) (White+Red)
‘Mora with the golden gun’ (2007/ 2009) (White+Red, Sonic Rendezvous, A:Larm)
’21 Days’ (2007) (White+Red, Sonic Rendezvous)
‘Tales of sailing’ (2006) (Tender, White+Red, Sonic Rendezvous)
‘Subrosa’ (1999) (White+Red)

Other releases/ collaborations

‘Magic Morning’ (2016) (Perception Berlin)
‘I Know Change’ (2015) (Jaap Lighthart – Selador)
‘Thinking of Satie’ (2015) (Tulipa)
Sonnengruss’ (Manual)
‘Sunshine from Inside’ (2013) (Manual)
‘Creatures of the Night’ (2016) (Malbetrieb – Single – Selador)
‘Servant’ (2015) (Alice Rose – Single – Manual)
‘Get Lucky'(2013) (Eagles & Butterflies – Single)
‘Eternity’ (2013) (Gabriel Ananda – EP – Manual)
‘Struck By Light’ (2012) (Gabriel Ananda -EP -Basmati)
‘Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear’ (2010) (Pitto – Album – Green)
Amsterdam Hafen Safari
‘Strawberries’ (2009) (Alice Rose – EP – White+Red)

Releases as Tiger Rose

‘Sunshine from Inside’ (2013) (Manual)
‘Girl Incredible’ (2013) (Manual)
‘Tigress Strikes’ (2012) (Puuhhh)
‘Food For Dreams’ (2011) (Basmati)