BERLIN IS FOR DREAMERS - single for my new ALBUM, "What To Do In The Rain"

Here a little Live video from Berlin LIVE TV in August with my autoharp set up:

:2017: - one song every full moon -ALICE ROSE + MONIKO-

Music. Alice Rose + Moniko: One song every full moon for the year 2017.

Newest video for my song: Last Happy End

Alice Rose // Last Happy End // Official Music Video from grade die. (lenny grade) on Vimeo.

Silent concert trailer from 2015 - Live street perfromance in Amsterdam:


Live video teaser from Artheater November 2015:

ALICE ROSE - LIVE - TEASER from Robert Vater on Vimeo.

Alice Rose "Teardrops" video. Made by Pauline Flory, a french animation artist.

The music video for Shadow Princess is done. The video is brillant, made only with shadow theatre, with no special effects or use of computer animation. All handmade by Stadie und Sie, a design and filmmaker duo from Cologne, Germany:

SHADOW PRINCESS from Stadie und Sie on Vimeo.


Into my Heart- the music video for the single from the album is finished and here you can watch it. The video was made with great care and skill by director Paul O'Bryan, and his team in San Francisco, US:



Live videos from my Crowdfunding Concerts in Summer 2013: MR.Butterflies:



LIVE 2013 Lichtfaktor:


Wonderful-Beautiful is a video made years ago by H75 and myself in 2001. It's a long time ago, and it is still beautiful:

Perfect Day. A film consisting of found footage on travelling of the art students of Academy of Media Arts:

1 of 5 A Live videos featuring Alice Rose w/ Tom Ashforth @the Maarweg Studios c/o pop 2010:

Engine of Love is a video created by Juliana Borinski and Alice Rose back in 2002, enjoy...




more videos coming soon...