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Alice Rose „What to Do In The Rain“ - release date: 9th of November, 2018

_Single release: „Berlin Is For Dreamer“ 28th of September, 2018


Alice Rose - The Danish singer-songwriter, autoharp player, violinist, streetartist, poet and citizen of the world, Alice Rose, has played on everything you can imagine, from cello to ukulele, from big stages, like Roskilde Festivla to the streets and markets of Berlin. IN the past, she used a lot of samplers and drum machines as instruments, but is now ready with a 100% pure, handmade, handplayed, acoustic album.


„What To Do In The Rain“ is soft, harmonic, ambient and raw, a well done album where 12 songs weave a pattern of music and lyrics.


Alice Rose lives in Berlin. Here she makes a living playing on the streets. Torn and united, calm and wild, rich and poor, grey and colourful, metropolis and village, big and small. You can find it all here! Contrast meet, and the city is her mirror and at the same time her unruly, chaotic base, and the music is the place where she rests. With her clear and pitch-perfect voice, heartfelt lyricism and minmal sound, she has created a harmonic and inspiring while of music(not sure you can write that), in a world full of chaos.


When she moved ot Berlin in 2016, she began to play on the streets to pay for rent and connect with her audience, she got invited to play concerts, weddings, pubs, composed for modern dance pieces and festivals, tested her new songs in the thriving, international singer-songwriter community of the city.

The easiset for her was to bring an acoustic instrument, the autoharp. Autoharp is an american instrument, used mainly in bluegrass and country music, and with it's angelic chord progressions, Alice has learned to play it beautifully. Together with her scandinavian voice: soft, raw, angelic, and her profound lyrics, she touches the listener straight in their core.


„What To Do In The Rain“ is played entirely with handmade instruments, and mastered on tape.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alice Rose plays and sings beautiful, mesmerizing and thoroughly modern music that captures the essense of the old world and the new. Her one-woman performances, her stunning vocals, her jugglers skill using samplers, computer, beat boxes, strings, casios, keyboards, harmonicas and toys--all come together in a delicious concoction of electro-folk--equal parts trip-hop, pop, electronica and dance. She is a true adventurer in the music world today and is constantly exploring new ground.


Did this and did that... And now I've made a handmade album, straight from the streets of Berlin!

'Subrosa' (1999) - White+Red -casette tape
‘Tales of sailing’ (2006) - Tender, White+Red, Sonic Rendezvous
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'21 Days 2011' (2011) - White+Red (digital distribution only)
'Each is a DREAM' (2013) - Manual-Music.
'Alice Rose Live in Cologne' (2015)
'What To Do In The Rain' (2018) - Divine Records / Broken Silence
Other releases/ collaborations:
'Strawberries' (2009) - Alice Rose - EP - White+Red in collaboration Amsterdam Hafen Safari
'Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear' (2010) - Pitto - Album - Green
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'Get Lucky'(2013) Eagles & Butterflies ft. Alice Rose - Single - youtube
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